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狠狠噜天天噜日日噜Grab a mini apron and dive into our kids cooking collections.

  • Pasta salad in different shaped colourful lunchbox

    Kids' lunchbox

    Pack the little ones off with healthy bites and a few special treats to keep them alert and full all day.
  • Salmon fingers, peas and wedges with shepherd's pie and prawn risotto


    Simple to prepare, balanced meals that your toddler can easily handle, with flavours they'll love...
  • A collection of purees, including carrot, beetroot, pear and sweet potato


    Our triple-tested weaning recipes to nourish your baby as they move on from milk and formula...
  • Fusili pasta, salmon and peas in a pan and bowl

    Family meal

    Kids and grown-ups will love these family dinner ideas. Our simple suppers include comforting pasta bakes,...
  • Cake sale recipe collection

    Cake sale

    Tempting treats to get the donations rolling in for summer fêtes and charity bake sales.
  • barbecue sausages on blue tray

    Family camping

    These simple, quick camping recipes are full of flavour and are campfire ready. We have filling family feasts...
  • A roasting tray with salmon, vegetables and potatoes

    Healthy kids'

    Healthy, simple and scrumptious recipe ideas to keep children happy.
  • Falafel in a wrap with vegetables and hummus

    Family picnic

    Put together a simple family feast that's portable and perfect for picnics. Spread out the blanket and...
  • Pepper & walnut hummus

    Snacks for kids

    Try these kid-friendly snacks for lunchboxes or as an after school treat – we have healthy, delicious ideas...
  • PIneapple and pork bbq skewers topped with coriander

    Family barbecue

    Discover the best BBC Good Food barbecue recipes for your family! From refreshing watermelon slushies to...
  • sticky pork lettuce wraps family summer lunch

    Summer family

    Our selection of kid-friendly summer essentials. Feed the whole family with barbecue staples, one-pan...
  • Baked eggs in a roasted pepper sauce

    Kids' egg

    Delicious recipes for getting more eggs into your child's diet.....
  • Margarita cocktail in glass with lime

    Student cocktail

    Get the party started with our quick and easy cocktail recipes for students. We have all the classics like...
  • Rice paper wraps with dipping sauce and kid's hand

    Kids' cooking

    Get fussy little eaters into the kitchen and turn them into little chefs with our easy and fun cooking...
  • Cupcakes on stand with colourful icing

    Kids' baking

    Grab a mini pinny and get baking with the children using our triple-tested recipes for cookies, cakes,...
  • Marshmallows dipped in chocolate

    Kids' party

    Throwing a bash for the kids? We've got plenty of party food ideas. Make birthday cakes, pizza, snacks and...
  • Salad wraps and fruit in blue lunchboxes


    Pack yourself a lunch box to look forward to - use up leftovers from the night before, simmer up some soup,...
  • Peach melba pop pies

    School holiday

    Keep the little ones busy over the school break by joining you in the kitchen. From easy cupcakes to tasty...
  • A pan and dish of sausage, kale and gnocchi

    Quick family

    These speedy, simple suppers are guaranteed crowd-pleasers that will leave you time to enjoy with the family...
  • Courgette lasagne in a square dish

    Veggie pasta bake

    Serve up a hearty vegetarian pasta bake for a filling family supper. Our comforting classics include mac...
  • Chicken and chorizo ragu in a pot with spoon

    Freezable family

    Get ahead in a busy week with family meals you can freeze. Just batch cook from our variety of tasty recipes...
  • 15-minute meal

    15-minute meal

    A quarter of an hour and some clever ingredients are all you need for a super-speedy, satisfying supper.
  • Mini brownies topped with colourful chocolate eggs

    Easter kids'

    Get the whole family involved making our fun Easter projects over the holidays. Kids will love these iced...
  • Eyeball themed cake pops stuck into pumpkin half


    Make your Halloween party ghoulishly good with our scary selection of cupcakes, creepy cookies, spooky sweets...
  • Cake iced wth snowman cake design

    Christmas for kids

    Have some festive fun with the kids, with this selection of recipes that can be made by the smallest of hands.